A spending and a revenue issue.

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The New York Times has a highly biased chart that seems to show that Bush spent way more than Obama. The chart I have posted above shows that this is complete bullshit.

Look closely and you will see the huge divide between revenues and expenses starts with the Pelosi-Reid Congress. Their policies not only increased the size of government, they also reduced revenues with their anti-business agenda.

Any family that had a financial outlook this bad would agree that they need to reduce spending drastically if they had no plan to increase revenues. Obama has shown that he is incapable of growing the US economy, so cuts are required.

Hopefully we can get a pro-business President, House and Senate in 2012 so we can grow our way back to solvency. Sadly, almost every Democrat in the nation is an impediment to business, jobs and growth.

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written by Woody , July 26, 2011

Revenues decrease due to high unemployment not a President with an "anti-business agenda". Higher unemployment coincided with the 9-11 attacks as indicated by the chart you provided. As a result, revenue goes down due to decreased income tax revenue and spending increases resulting from higher claims for unemployment compensation as well as stimulus packages designed to stimulate the economy and invest in infrastructure. Fortunately, higher unemployment was averted by the Bush tax cuts and the increase in employment brought on by the "job creators".

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